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Spinal Surgery is one of our main focuses at Cedar Orthopedics, with a-slew- of other services. The spine is an integral part of the body to give it structure and support. Without a strong functioning spine, the body is not a whole unit and is rendered immobile. There are three main functions of the spine.

  • The spine protects the spinal cord and- nerve- roots, along- with other internal organs.
  • It provides structure, balance, and support for the body to maintain its upward position.
  • It causes the body to be flexible and supported with easy, supple movements.

The spine protects the spinal cord, which is a column of nerves connecting the brain and the body to give control of movements. To- live -an- active life, the spinal cord must be healthy. That is why we have a whole department dedicated to neurology for spinal health at Ceda Orthopedic. Musculoskeletal total care is our business, and we take our job seriously.

Patient Care at Ceda Orthopedic

Our highly efficient team prides itself on putting our patient’s health at the top of our agenda. We deliver the highest standard of medical care and services to our patients. We take no chance with the human anatomy, and we are experienced in diagnosing spine injuries for traditional or minimally invasive spinal surgery or corrective methods that warrant injections for pain management and healing.

We walk through all processes and procedures with our patients to allay any fears, so they can be comfortable from consultation to surgery, and then through recovery.

Recovering from Back/Spinal Surgery

Recovery time after surgery will depend on what type of corrective back surgery is performed, the type of procedure, and how well you adhere to pre and post-surgery instructions. Removing a disc will have you recovering within three weeks. If you remove multiple laminae or fused a couple of bones, recovery time will be between one and six months. It will also depend on your level of fitness and your age.

The best thing for a speedy recovery is to rest in your downtime. The first 24 hours should find you resting, hydrating, and relaxing, and be sure to eat when you are hungry. You should also have certified physiotherapy to help you do post-spinal surgery exercises to regain your range of motion. If your procedure was on your upper or lower spine, your range of motion (ROM) exercise will focus on your arms and legs regularly throughout recovery.

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