Hemilaminectomy is a spinal cord surgery common to patients who suffer from spinal stenosis or pressure around the nerves in the lumbar spine.

It is an alternative to a complete laminectomy. A hemilaminectomy procedure consists of a small incision using a small microscope that guides the incision through improvised visualization. It is performed by an Orthopedic surgeon using special retractors that prevent them from cutting open the spinal muscles.

This procedure, unlike laminectomy, preserves most of the bones and only opens a small window for access to the spinal canal. The small opening allows the safe removal of anything causing pressure on the nerves. This can be bone, disc, or thickened ligament.

The benefit of Hemilaminectomy is that the incision is small, offers a fast recovery with fewer risks. The goal of a hemilaminectomy or decompression procedure is to enlarge the spinal canal and remove pressure from the spinal cord or nerves.

Causes for a hemilaminectomy procedure

Hemilaminectomy procedure aims at relieving pressure on the nerve tissues to reduce pain by creating more space in the spinal canal. The procedure is typical in treating numerous conditions like spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, osteoarthritis of the spine, herniated disc, bone spur, and enlarged facet joints.

A hemilaminectomy might be needed if other treatments did not relieve the patient’s back pain. Typically, if bony overgrowths within the spinal canal occur, a hemilaminectomy procedure will help.

This overgrowth forces the spinal canal to narrow and put pressure on the nerves in your spine. This narrowing of the spinal canal can result in severe pain, weakness, or numbness that flows down the arms and legs. If you are experiencing pain like this, contact an orthopedic surgeon at Ceda Orthopedic Group for more information and recommend a hemilaminectomy.

Sometimes the surgery can be performed to get rid of ligament flavum. A ligament flavum is a ligament found in the spinal canal that may thicken and compress to suppress the spinal cord.

The hemilaminectomy incision can be at any part of the spinal column like the lumbar, cervical, sacral, or thoracic. The surgery only requires a tiny portion of the spine in the lamina and ligaments removed, thus decreasing postoperative spinal disability risk.

Heminalaminectomy is an endoscopically that creates a small incision that requires a short recovery time. Hemilaminectomy, local anesthesia is used, thus reducing the post operations effects of anesthesia.

Suppose you booked an appointment with Ceda Orthopedic Group in Miami for a hemilaminectomy, one of the orthopedic surgeons might ask you to do the following:

  • Check on your blood sugar – You can lower your sugar intake days before surgery to ensure your blood sugar level will be low during the surgery. If you have diabetes before the surgery, working on an AIC under eight is advisable. You can talk to your Orthopedic about this to get precise information.
  • No smoking before the surgery – If you are a smoker, you can quit, and if not, you can stop smoking at least six weeks before the surgery.
  • Shed some weight – Speak to your orthopedic on this and see the ideal weight. In any case, losing at least five pounds before the surgery is helpful.

Your provider or orthopedic surgeon may ask you to do a few things that will aid in faster recovery from hemilaminectomy. It may include:

  • Avoid sitting for long hours, especially after the procedure. Sitting is the least favorable post-surgery position.
  • Be careful with the body mechanics. Try and avoid bending where possible and if you must turn, use the suitable body mechanism. Your orthopedic will advise you on the best body mechanism and the appropriate exercises to undertake. You can use ice or packs to decrease the pain and swelling.
  • Postoperative ambulation is essential, and in most cases, if you have no complications, your orthopedic will advise you to move the body as much as you can. They may suggest starting to take walks immediately after surgery.

How does ceda orthopedic group perform a hemilaminectomy?

When you trust Ceda Orthopedic Group with your hemilaminectomy, the surgeon performing the procedure will make a small incision above the affected area and move a muscle away from your spine as needed.

The size of the incision from a hemilaminectomy varies, depending on the affected vertebrae. It’s common for surgeons to perform other procedures as part of a surgical procedure for vertebrae discs.

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