Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that Orthopedics surgeons undertake to treat complications in the ankle joint. It is a minimally invasive surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, which uses an arthroscope, a camera with thin fiber-optic features capable of magnifying and transmitting ankle images to the video screen. Through the photos, the orthopedic surgeon can examine and treat the ankle condition.

The ankle arthroscopy treatment reduces pain and improves the ankle’s overall performance. Surgeons use Arthroscopy to diagnose and treat several knee disorders, which include:

  • Ankle instability
  • Ankle arthritis
  • Ankle fracture
  • Infection
  • Anterior ankle impingement
  • Synovitis
  • Unexplained ankle symptoms
  • Posterior ankle impingement
  • Loose bodies
  • Arthrofibrosis
  • Osteochondral defect (OCD).

In a National Library of Medicine study, an ankle arthroscopy helped clarify a diagnosis in 27 of 35 (77%) of ankles recorded. In those same ankles in which the ankle arthroscopy was performed for therapeutic purposes only, 36 of 44 (82%) of the patients benefited.

What is involved in an ankle arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure that usually takes a day. An arthroscopy procedure involves the orthopedic surgeon examining, treating, or repairing tendons, ligaments, taking away tissues or bones. The bones or tissues, in this case, may be causing pain or arthritis conditions like osteochondral injuries.

Ankle arthroscopy has been used as a tool by foot and ankle surgeons to diagnose joint and other complications.

Benefits of ankle arthroscopy

Surgeries, both minor and significant, carry risks such as nerve or blood vessel damages; however, the benefits outweigh the risks. Pre-assessment screening is essential to determine your Vitamin D levels in your blood, check for infections or any other issues, including your weight. The pre-assessments also highlight potential anesthetic issues that may cause pre or post-surgical complications. Pre-assessment screening minimizes the risks that come with surgeries to maximize the benefits. Benefits of the ankle arthroscopy include:

  • Faster healing
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Little to no scarring
  • Minimized hospitalization
  • The procedure offers better results for methods like ankle infusion.

The ankles anatomy is very complex, and many bones and ligaments can be damaged. Ankle arthroscopy is a beneficial procedure for patients, but just like any other surgery, complications can occur during the ankle arthroscopy procedure. Make sure to choose surgeons you can trust with this precise procedure, trust Ceda Orthopedic Group for ankle arthroscopy surgery.

What is the recovery time of ankle arthroscopy?

When there are no complications pre or post surgeries, you could go home immediately after the ankle arthroscopy procedure.

However, you will have a bandage on your ankle for about two weeks, and you could feel a little sore in your ankle after the procedure. Our surgeons recommend using crutches and a unique sandal that fastens and aids recovery time, but we will discuss this with you in more detail during your pre-operation appointments.

At Ceda Orthopedic Group, our orthopedic surgeons will advise you after ankle arthroscopy to get plenty of rest, especially in the first week post-operation. While resting, it is best to keep the leg that has been operated on above your heart’s level the first week after your operation. After the first week, the pain will subside, and you can ease into your physical activity with short walks.

You may even go back to work and perform light duties depending on your type of job, but make sure to follow the guidelines provided by your orthopedic surgeon. If your work is manual and may involve moving heavy objects and material that put pressure on your ankle, it may take a month or so before going back to work. After the ankle arthroscopy wound heals, you can apply a moisturizer to minimize scarring.

The swelling around your ankle is mainly three months after surgery. If you are an athlete or engage in vigorous workouts, you will resume your sporting activities after several months post-operation. You, however, need a go-ahead from your Orthopedic surgeon to evaluate your progress.

From the diagnosis to post-operation, an Orthopedic surgeon will advise you on the operation and how they’ll perform it. The surgeon also monitors your recovery, informing you of the therapy you need until you heal completely.

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