Intra Articular Stem Cell Injection

The stem cells’ extraction from a patient’s bone marrow is required for stem cell treatment. The treatment team next injects these healthy stem cells into the target treatment region, such as the shoulder joint for shoulder arthritis treatment. Stem cell therapy works since stem cells have a unique ability to convert into various extra cells found in the human body. The degeneration of the cartilage between the shoulder joint bones, for example, causes symptoms in a patient suffering from shoulder arthritis pain. The bones rub together when cartilage breaks down, producing pain. Stem cells administered into the shoulder joint can eventually mature into new cartilage.

How is the intra articular stem cell injection performed?

A normal stem cell therapy process can be completed in as little as a few hours. Our team of Miami orthopedic surgeons starts by harvesting stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow, which they then inject into the therapy region. This operation usually takes two to three weeks to recover from, during which time the patient may have soreness and stiffness in the afflicted joint and mild pain at the stem cell extraction site.

Who is a candidate for the intra articular stem cell injection?

Personalized Regenerative Medicine’s stem cell therapy may be able to aid those suffering from a variety of degenerative diseases. Joint discomfort, osteoarthritis, and cerebral palsy are just some medical ailments that stem cell treatments can help the body repair naturally.

Benefits of intra articular stem cell injection

Mesenchymal stem cells have shown promise in the treatment of pain and cartilage regeneration. Extensive clinical investigations revealed that it is a safe and effective therapy, and some researchers even attempted to use cell regeneration to reverse the progression of cartilage defects.

What are the risks of intra articular stem cell injection?

Surgery may appear to be the only choice for many people suffering from shoulder arthritis and other comparable disorders. However, any surgical treatment comes with the potential of complications such as infection, anesthetic difficulties, stroke, blood clots, and more. Individuals suffering from joint discomfort who do not want to cope with the risks and lengthy recovery time associated with the surgery may find stem cell therapy a more effective treatment option.

What is the recovery time of intra articular stem cell injection?

Patients typically report steadily growing improvement from their symptoms over the coming months after the initial few weeks of healing. Following the first procedure, stem cells will continue to replace damaged and destroyed cells in the treatment location for up to a year, and many patients will only need one treatment session. However, within a month of their stem cell therapy sessions, most patients report remission from their initial symptoms.

How intra articular stem cell injection can help you

Recent clinical research and trials into stem cell therapy have been up-and-coming thus far, with numerous patients undergoing the procedure and reporting significant reductions in their symptoms in a short period, all while avoiding the risks and complications that frequently accompany surgery. In addition, because it uses the patient’s stem cells, stem cell therapy is less intrusive and has fewer side effects with a decreased risk of adverse responses.

How Ceda Orthopedic Group performs intra articular stem cell injections

Your orthopedic surgeon will oversee the procedure and will schedule the follow-up visits until such a point that you feel prepared to resume your normal day-to-day activities. The orthopedic also does a check-up to ensure you have no other underlying procedure causing the condition. They are in charge of medication and recommending physical therapy.

Our orthopedic clinic offers free transportation to patients who require a ride before or after their procedure. Your orthopedic surgeon at Ceda Orthopedic Group is here to take care of you! So don’t let transportation stop you from receiving the arthritis treatment that you deserve. Let us help.

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