Kyphoplasty is minimally invasive surgery on the spine through tiny tubes to restore a damaged vertebra’s height or relieve pain. In the procedure, the surgeon injects a cement-like substance into the damaged vertebra to restore the reduced space in the vertebrae and relieve pain.

A doctor either recommends kyphoplasty to treat a vertebra damaged by cancer, specific spinal fractures, or weakening of the bones usually caused by osteoporosis. Osteoporosis often causes the vertebra to either collapse or compress, thus causing excruciating pain or a hunched posture.

How the kyphoplasty procedure works

Before recommending kyphoplasty, your doctor will examine you by taking a blood sample to test or use in the X-ray or Magnetic resonance imaging, otherwise known as MRI. The X-ray or MRI will show the exact location of the fractures.

In the operating room, the anesthesiologist will induce medication through an IV while lying on your back. Depending on the type of anesthesia, the drug will either numb you, relax, or put you to sleep.

Through the guidance of X-ray images, the surgeon will insert the needle into the spine into the fractured vertebra. When the hand is inside the vertebra’s hollow part, they inflate a balloon to restore the fractured vertebra to its original size.

When the vertebra is inflated to the normal size, the doctor injects a cement-like substance to hold the fracture and keep it in the standard shape. While injecting the cement-like substance, the doctor checks the x-ray to ensure it is going in the right place.

The doctor then removes the needle to allow the cement to dry. You will continue to lay on your back for about five minutes for the adhesive to dry. No stitches are needed after the procedure, and if only one vertebra fracture is treated, the procedure takes less than an hour.

If you receive Kyphoplasty from a Ceda Orthopedic doctor, they may discharge you on the same day but may they could also recommend an overnight stay for observation, especially if you had more than one vertebra or any complications with the surgery.

Depending on how you feel and with your surgeon’s approval, you may be able to walk around about an hour after the surgery. However, most patients report soreness in the area where the needle was inserted, and they don’t have much desire to move, only rest. Kyphoplasty patients report the pain and soreness going away within a few days after the surgery. You will notice the pain will significantly reduce immediately after the procedure was performed. Then, you might be in the mood for moving and celebrating, pain-free!

An icepack is ideal for reducing the pain, but you will be feeling better within 48 hours of the operation.

The risks involved in kyphoplasty procedures

Though very unlikely, your body may have an allergic reaction to x-ray chemicals.

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Cement leaking out of the vertebra
  • You may notice an increase in back pain
  • You may feel numbness, weakness, or tingling caused by nerve damage.

If you have other existing or unknown medical conditions, you may experience more complications depending on the specific condition. Booking an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon at Ceda Orthopedic Group will give you peace of mind and help you determine if kyphoplasty surgery could help reduce your back pain.

Ceda Orthopedic Group performs kyphoplasty surgery

Your orthopedic will perform the surgery, and they will also do the pre and post-surgery follow-ups. Your orthopedic will recommend the proper post-surgery medication, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen your bones and prevent further spinal fractures.

Physical therapy might also be recommended by your surgeon post-operation. To learn more about how Ceda Orthopedic Group performs kyphoplasty surgery, speak with one of our orthopedic professionals who can readily assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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