Interbody Fusion (IBF)

Interbody fusion is a procedure performed to correct problems with small bones known as vertebrae. It is commonly known as welding as it fuses the faulty vertebrae to heal as a single solid bone. Interbody fusion is also known as the spinal fusion concept, is to bind the vertebrae together with the idea that if the faulty or painful vertebrae do not move, they will not cause you pain.

The treatment process involves removing the intervertebral disk, and the surgeons can perform it using numerous approaches. For example, the surgeon can access either an incision on your lower back or the side of your back.

When should you opt for IBF?

When you meet with a Ceda Orthopedic Surgeon in Miami, we will recommend IBF if you have any of the below conditions, and you may be a candidate for IBFs:

  • If you have scoliosis or flatback syndrome
  • You have a degenerative disc disease
  • If you have pain and symptoms that have not improved even after the use of medication and physical therapy
  • Your orthopedic will recommend against IBF if you are:
  • If you have had a major abdominal surgery
  • If you are obese, your doctor mat advise a weight loss first
  • If you have problems that may affect or prevent your bones from fusing
  • If you suffer a severe case of atherosclerosis of either iliac vessels, the aorta, or peripheral vascular disease
  • If you have a powerful chance of osteoporosis

Patients should proceed with an IBF surgery if all other conservative treatments didn’t show improvement. Speaking with an orthopedic surgeon will help you determine the best course of action to cure your back pain or other pain. Fill out this form to contact Ceda Orthopedic Group for professional advice and treatments for your back pain.

What takes place in the IBF surgery room?

According to the Mayfield Clinic, the surgery takes roughly 1 to 2 hours. It will be dependent on how many spine levels your surgeon will be treating. First, the doctor will put you under anesthesia, clean your belly, and prep it. The surgeons will then use X-ray fluoroscopy to guide on where the incision will be done. Finally, the surgeon will do an incision on your belly as per the x-ray images.

The surgeon then proceeds to clear a path in between the retroperitoneal space and your abdominal cavity. During this process, your intestines are placed in a peritoneum sac for protection. The sac is moved to the right side of your abdomen temporarily during the procedure. The surgeons also gently move to the side of your veins and arteries located in the damaged disc.

After this protective procedure, the surgeon will proceed to remove the damaged disc. First, the surgeon will remove all the damaged discs. They will then use distractor equipment to open the collapsed disc and bone shavers to prepare the fusion area or bed.

Next, your surgeon will then measure the disc space and select a spacer. The spacer is inserted in the now empty disc space. Tan X-ray confirms the accuracy of the depth, wedge angle, and placement. Once they reach the accurate fit, the spacing of the bone graft substance is prepped for the fusion.

Space is then filled with a protein substance that will aid in bone growth. The spacer is then placed in the empty disc to space the disc to its regular spacing. The surgeon may hold the spacer graft with a metal plate and screw it together. They then proceed to remove the instruments and close the incision with skin glue. You will then awake when the medication wears off. The orthopedic surgeon will monitor your vital signs pre and post-surgery.

Contact Ceda Orthopedic Group for an Interbody Fusion Procedure

The role of an Orthopedic doctor is to perform the surgery, follow up on the healing process, recommend the appropriate physical therapy, and post medication. So when you choose Ceda Orthopedic Group to perform your Interbody Fusion surgery, you are teaming up with years of orthopedic experience.

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