Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is minimally invasive surgery through the use of tiny tubes fitted with a camera. Through the visual images relayed on the camera, the orthopedic surgeon can either treat or diagnose the problem inside your knee.

Your doctor will opt for knee arthroscopy if you have an injury in the knee joint, an inflammation on the joint, or a damaged joint inside the knee. The orthopedic doctor can also recommend a knee arthroscopy to diagnose a problem that is not visible through an X-ray. Your surgeon will perform the surgery in the hospital in the outpatient operating room and have you go home the same day.

Suppose your knee condition does not respond to the non-surgical treatment. Some of the non-surgical that your orthopedic will recommend are physical therapy, injections, and medication to reduce inflammation.

Knee arthroscopy effectively treats painful symptoms and other problems that lead to further damage of cartilage surfaces and soft tissue found on the joints.

What happens during the knee arthroscopy procedure?

Your doctor or another certified specialist will administer either a local, regional, or general anesthetic dose before the procedure. Local anesthesia will numb the knee only, while a regional one numbs you from the waist down to your legs, and the general puts you to sleep.

If you are on local or regional anesthesia, you can watch the procedure on the monitor, but only if you want to. The surgery begins with a small incision on your knee, and the surgeon then pumps sterile or salty water inside your knee to expand it. The expansion allows the doctor to see inside the joint.

Once the surgeon locates the problem in the knee, they then insert another small tool into the incision to rectify the situation. The surgeon then drains the saline from your joint and closes up the incision with stitches.

The recovery process after the surgery

Due to its minimally invasive nature, the healing process is shorter compared to some surgeries. You will likely go home the same day of the surgery if there are no complications. Your surgeon will advise you to use a pack of ice cubes on your knee for some hours to reduce both swelling and pain.

Additionally, your orthopedic will recommend the following:

  • Enough rest hours
  • Changing the dressing daily
  • Use of crutches to reduce the weight and pressure on the knee
  • Follow up hospital visits days after the surgery
  • Elevate the leg for numerous days after the surgery
  • Avoid heavy duties until the surgeon gives you the go-ahead.

Complications and risks of a knee arthroscopy surgery

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery, thus posing lesser risks compared to some surgeries. However, in case of a complication, it is best to understand that you may experience any of the following complications during a knee arthroscopy;

  • Stiffness in the knee
  • Infection inside the knee joints
  • Blood clots
  • Damages to the tissue and nerves
  • Bleeding in the joints

With any surgery, there are risks of infection when making incisions and closing with stitches. You must trust well-known orthopedic surgeons to perform your knee arthroscopy, even if it is a minimally invasive surgery. Some knee pain is treated with physical therapy or medication. Consult with a doctor before you undergo a knee arthroscopy.

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