What Is Spinal Surgery?

Do you need spinal surgery? How do you know when you need spinal surgery? What is spinal surgery?

There are different types- of spinal surgeries, and the type you  require depends on the type of spine issues you are suffering from. Back or spinal surgery tends to change the way your anatomy works, for example, removing a troublesome herniated disc to eliminate pain and provide relief!

Gone are the days when surgeons offered open-spine surgery to tackle a small disc problem and 5 to 6 inches of incision and a whole month in the hospital! With the advent of new and emerging technology and more innovative methods of performing medical procedures, many surgeries ar now referred to as minimal invasive (spine) surgery.

Who Needs Spine Surgery?

Some spinal issues can be treated without surgery, so we will always do an evaluation and non-invasive treatment before deciding whether or not you need traditional surgery. Someone with lower back and neck pain will receive pain management treatment and be encouraged to maintain a stable physical activity regime and watch over time to see if the pain issue is resolved. Only then do we decide on surgery whether to do surgery or not.

For a patient with significant neurogenic pain in the extremities that have not experienced relief from non-surgical treatments and management, then surgery would be the best decision to help the patient regain a pain-free lifestyle.

Traditional and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

In minimally invasive spine surgery, less of the anatomy is surgically exposed, which means recovery time is less, while traditional spine surgery involves the exposure of the complete anatomy.

Whichever procedure we use at Ceda Orthopedic, the goals are the same—long-term overall improvement in symptoms or a halt to the spinal problems. With new technology and excellent surgeons, we achieve our goals daily and see less blood loss during surgery, lower infection rates, quicker recovery time, and shorter hospital stay.


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